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EVERYONE SimultaneousLY Sharing

Synchronous Collaboration

Share everything with everyone at the same time for more productive and engaging collaboration and training. Let your communication flow naturally across people, applications and data. Visualize complex workflows and processes to get everyone on the same page.


When do you use UME.Studio?

“Everyday. Our team hops into rooms throughout the day to figure out how to setup a character, playtest and review.”

Nathan Kelly
Principal Technical Artist

"4pm. That's when the director reviews the days progress with the team. Everyone shares their work-in-progress to get feedback

Leah Sanders
Sr. Production Coordinator

“All day. Everyone is handing off elements to each other and seeing where everyone is at helps us avoid wasted work.”

Chris Dosewell

Keep your team aligned & connected

Streamline your communication by bringing everything you need into the same space so that everyone can be on the same page at the same time.

Purpose-built Collaboration for Teams

Share Everything

Drag & Drop PDFs, images and embed your productivity tools. No more chasing links in chat windows and cycling through browser windows and tabs to find what you need. Access everything you need in the same place at the same time.

Draw Attention

A picture is worth a thousand words. Save time and avoid confusion when giving feedback and communicating ideas with integrated annotation tools.

Screen Sharing

Access the latest technology, streamed from the cloud and seamlessly integrated into UME.Studio.


Take control of PDF and videos playback so that everyone is in sync with you. When you're done, release control for independent viewing.

Access Control

Quickly configure access to your event with a combination of control options to choose from.

Persistent Events

Your event spaces are persistent. As you accumulate artifacts from your collaboration, they remain in your space.


Organize your space with multiple rooms for teams, projects or curriculum. Configure each room with resources like PDFs and images for your audience to access.

UME.Studio is Collaboration for Professionals

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Problem solve and ideate with your team across complex tools and workflows in real-time. Remove the barriers to actively engaging and contributing your ideas.

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Train more people with better results. Give everyone access to the technology they need, monitor progress and deliver hands-on help, at scale.

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Accelerate product adoption by eliminating the barriers to experiencing your product. Deliver hands-on demos with no setup or configuration.

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