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Everyone gets the tools they need

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Eliminate complex IT configuration and guarantee that everyone has the technology they need and are ready to participate. Stream the latest technology from the cloud to their browser. Save time on setup and deliver hands-on training without the stress.

It just works.

That might sound simple but I've been running workshops and classes for almost 20 years, it’s the most important part. We login, get a computer, I’m able to manage the class, and the participants can learn, all without fighting technology.

AEC Workflow Specialist
Everyone Can Share Everything

See progress, drive success

Simultaneous screen sharing lets you engage with your audience and pace your delivery. Adjust, engage, and feel energized as you guide their progress and see knowledge in action.

designed for trainers

Your methodology, your style

Customize your training space with advanced configuration options and deliver your curriculum with the tools you need to focus attention, communicate concepts and facilitate collaboration. Step confidently into your training sessions.

Purpose-built Tools for Trainers

See Progress

Monitor your entire class in real-time so you know who's following along and who's falling behind. Save time and deliver more content as you adjust your pace to the needs of your class. Give over-the-shoulder guidance or hands-on help to quickly guide your students to success.

Virtual Workstations

Stream powerful workstations from the cloud into the browser with software installed and ready to go when students join your class.


Organize your virtual training space with rooms for different lessons and breakout sessions. Configure each room with resources like PDFs and images for your audience to access.

Persistent Space

Your training space is persistent. Your students can come back the next day and continue to have access to the same resources. Configure access controls and schedule to manage who has access and when.

Analytics and reporting

Measure success

Capture detailed reports of participant progress and engagement. Analyze your delivery and identify areas to improve. Provide stakeholders with the data they need to measure the ROI of their education initiatives.

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Problem solve and ideate with your team across complex tools and workflows in real-time. Remove the barriers to actively engaging and contributing your ideas.

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Train more people with better results. Give everyone access to the technology they need, monitor progress and deliver hands-on help, at scale.

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Accelerate product adoption by eliminating the barriers to experiencing your product. Deliver hands-on demos with no setup or configuration.

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