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Deliver product experiences

Give your customers a deeper understanding of your product with hands-on demos and workshops. Remove the barriers to experiencing the "aha!" moment with a seamless integration of pre-configured cloud virtual workstations and accelerate your product's adoption.

Accelerate your deal flow

Turnkey Demo Space

Save time getting your materials setup for the next product demo with pre-configured demo spaces. Include your presentation PDFs, videos and virtual workstations.

Virtual Workstations

Stream powerful workstations from the cloud into the browser with software installed and ready to go when students join your class.

POCs and Follow-ups

Your demo space is persistent which means that you can hand it over to a customer for a POC evaluation of your product. 

With virtual workstations, your customer doesn't have to wait for their IT department to purchase hardware or configure software, they simply rejoin the event and get hands-on experience.

UME.Studio is Collaboration for Professionals

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Problem solve and ideate with your team across complex tools and workflows in real-time. Remove the barriers to actively engaging and contributing your ideas.

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Train more people with better results. Give everyone access to the technology they need, monitor progress and deliver hands-on help, at scale.

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Accelerate product adoption by eliminating the barriers to experiencing your product. Deliver hands-on demos with no setup or configuration.

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